Southampton vs Burnely Preview (EPL)

It will be challenging for Burnley to secure a decent result on St Mary’s, however, not improbable. Even if Burnley has experienced very poor outcomes currently, Southampton is not really doing good, also.

The match has to be a hard one for both squads, with even odds for both squads. It is possible that Southampton fans might help their own football team be successful, however, the situation is no longer good at St Mary’s given that the poor results have increased.

Both of those clubs are rather cozy scattered in the middle of the standings, hence there is not a great deal of fascination with the current match. Southampton is currently ranked 13th on EPL, whereas Burnley is relaxing in the 11th position.

The favorite within the match Southampton against Burnley is obviously Southampton. Even if Burnley carries a hypothetical chance for success and also a shock isn’t ruled out, the fixture is likely to be claimed by Southampton. For sure, Burnley will give Southampton several problems, but in general, the success looks like it’s on Southampton’s side.

Amongst Burnley and Southampton, there is a straightforward class contrast, which will be outlined on the final result of the matchup. The present form of Southampton is a superb one and Burnley is actually not likely to break it. Also, the squads of the two groups are very different in value, which actually inclines the balance in favour of Southampton.

Burnley: Sean Dyche might get sacked soon

Sean Dyche, the manager of Burnley, irrespective of his achievements says he is not immune to getting sacked. “My position is not set in stone” he says.

Dyche’s team are fortunate to sit three points adrift of safety in 18th place on the Premier League table with a total of 12 points—which is 20 fewer than they had at the same stage last season. Wednesday’s 5-1 home defeat to Everton ended with negative reactions from the stands and voices questioning Dyche’s future. Although, the voices clamoring for change are few, they have begun to grow louder and louder.

Dyche who happens to be the fourth longest-serving manager across the Premier and football league took charge of the Clarets (Burnley F.C) over six years ago and executed the work properly. Even the Club’s relegation in the year 2015—which didn’t cause the club not to stick with him, doesn’t demean the quality of work he has done.
“I think there is a bit of reality from the outside for the people looking in. Don’t for one minute think I think I’m set in stone here. I’m not. Eventually, people want change. I’ve said it for years here. Eventually, they will want change; for good or bad reasons. Either I go somewhere else if we’ve been very successful, or we haven’t, and I still have to leave”, the 47-year old coach said.

“It’s not something that concerns me. I know the work we put in here and I’m quite pleased. Not with results, but the general work—the amount of work my staff and I put in, and the players. If people do question it, that’s the way it goes. People question results, not workload. I think the fans have been patient. They have been excellent actually. They know the journey of the club. We’ve got probably 12,000 who were here when I got here and have seen it radically change in six or so months”, Dyche said further. He also explained that his team had to perform better irrespective of the odds and they could not afford to rely on any past achievements.