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English Premier League where to watch

With the passion for football in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya and India on par with the English Premier League’s homeland of the UK, millions of fans and bettors eagerly tune in to catch EPL action every week. But with games spread across multiple channels and platforms, knowing where to watch is key. So for bettors wanting to keep up with the live action as they stake their wagers, here’s a handy list of EPL football broadcasters in these countries.

Where to watch epl in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the most convenient and cost-effective place to watch live EPL matches is ringtones streaming site Bioscopelive.com. While not an official broadcaster, the streams are reasonably good quality and cover the weekend fixtures as well as Champions League games.

Where to watch epl in Nigeria

Nigeria has official broadcasting rights with pay TV provider DSTV, specifically on their SS3 and SS8 sports channels in certain packages. So EPL fans looking for reliable HD streams should explore DSTV subscription plans, though they are more expensive than alternatives.

Where to watch epl in Kenya

SuperSport via the DSTV platform and free-to-air broadcaster KBC offer EPL coverage in Kenya. KBC only shows one early weekend match. But at affordable rates and bundled into other entertainment, SuperSport delivers all the EPL content a fan could want.

Where to watch epl in India

Premier League obsessed Indians can have their pick of broadcasters. Star Sports as part of their wide bouquet of sports channels show every game in English. Viacom18’s Voot online streaming service has exclusive digital rights. And Jio carries EPL along with UCL and La Liga in select packages. Pricing options cater to different budgets.

Streaming sportsbook platforms like Betway and 22Bet also maintain their own in-app match streams for various leagues and have boosted EPL betting. But app streams require an active bet or balance to access. Reliable high-quality broadcasts are still paid TV territory for now.

So while free streams pop up in various corners of the web, official broadcasters and premium sports platforms remain the best avenues for following EPL matches. Bettors should factor subscription or license costs into their budgets for a smooth wagering experience.

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