Why the English Premier League is the best

With a thrilling mix of world-class talents, intense competition, and plenty of goals, the English Premier League (EPL) has emerged as the most popular football league globally. But what exactly makes it the best for football fans and bettors?

Star talent from across the globe

The EPL attracts the very best players from around the world to ply their trade in England. From Africans like Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané, to Europeans like Kevin De Bruyne and Spanish legend Sergio Aguero – superstars flock to the EPL. Not only does this make the skill level exceptionally high, but it also draws interest from football fans everywhere. Betting markets for the EPL are active year-round as a result.

Fiercely competitive top to bottom

While some European leagues often have predictable, one-sided matches, the EPL stays intensely competitive regardless of opponent quality. Even the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool can struggle against so-called weaker sides who are willing to battle. This underdog spirit coupled with the rising standards of players makes predicting match results far from straightforward – always keeping bettors guessing.

Non-stop goalscoring action

With world-class attacks backed by passionate home crowds, EPL games regularly deliver in the entertainment stakes. The last 2021/22 season saw a total of 1,171 goals scored across just 380 matches – over three goals per game on average! Very few leagues can compare to this relentless goal-fest. For bettors, more goals mean more betting opportunities on players to score, interesting correct scorelines to predict and generally higher stakes excitement.

Star power, cutthroat competition, and exhilarating high-scoring spectacle – make the Premier League every football fan and bettor’s dream. No wonder leagues around the world try (unsuccessfully) to replicate the magic formula of English football’s top-tier. When it comes to betting, the EPL offers the complete package.

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